Command Line Editor

Purpose Cle is a Command Line Editor. It provides the editing/history/completion commands of the readline package to any line-oriented Unix command. For instance,
$ cle ftp
adds editing/history/completion commands to the ftp command.

Since most modern shells allow you to define aliases, you can define a simple alias such as

$ alias ftp="cle \ftp" (bash or zsh syntax)
$ alias ftp cle ftp (tcsh or csh syntax)
to always uses cle with the ftp command.

News Version 0.4: 12/03/99
  • Better signal handling
  • Terminal should always be reset correctly now when program exits
  • Auto-detection of echo/non-echo mode in the slave application (when the application ask for a password, the typed characters don't appear on the screen and are not logged in the history).

All the changes

Download Latest version of cle is numbered 0.4 and is available at
Author Erick Gallesio

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