Re: Line number and source file names in stack trace, part 1

From: Michael Hohn <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 10:06:13 -0700 (MST)

> I cured my hangover through programming, so expect some bugs :)

   You should drink more ;-)

I'm working on it...

   I have not yet applied the patch, I will do it after answering this
   mail but it seems very promising. Debugging with emacs is fine for me
   and I was wondering if a good idea would not be to send the starting
   and ending positions of the cons (as a number of character from the
   start of the file, as in emacs). This could be used to highlight the

Gambit-C's emacs mode does this (for gambit's stdout); it defines
gambit-output-filter (and support functions) and adds it to the
comint-output-filter-functions hook.
A similar hook should work well here, but of course it requires
running stk as an inferior process in emacs ( VI? What's that? :-) )

   We can imagine a stepper like this, by twiddling the (very
   undocumented) *eval-hook* variable. It seems that pieces fall in place
   for that. I will try to have a look at that and say you what I was
   able to do.

                   -- Erick

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