Re: Win9x/2k/NT calling DLLs

From: David Tillman <>
Date: 22 Nov 2000 11:32:40 -0600

>>>>> Erick Gallesio <> writes:

> David Tillman writes:


>> While I have been known to MzScheme and SCSH once in a while, I
>> really use STk for nearly everything. I wrote a nifty FFI for
>> gdbm and I use STk with large gdbm databases. I wrote a nice
>> CGI lib and html lib that use heavily. Example:
>> [code deleted]

> Is your system available?.

  It is available in that it is not bound by any IP agreements.

  If you have much interest in it I will mail you a copy. It is not
  great Scheme code... If interested after that, I will polish it
  up a bit and you can add it to the contributions.

> I have something quite similar in mind for a while and never had the
> time to implement it. Is it practicable? I'm a little afraid that
> it is difficult to use it for rather large documents.

  It is practicable for me. :p

  I would rather write:

    (display (center (h2 "Web Access Error")))


    <CENTER><H2>Web Access Error</H2></CENTER>


    (display (address ""))

  as opposed to:

    <A HREF=""><ADDRESS>&lt;;</ADDRESS></A>


    (display (cgi-text-area "foo" :rows "4"))

  as opposed to:


  Another area I use it for is when I have several pages that have many common
  features and frames are evil.

  For example if you have a common header and left side column of links on 12 pages:

  Define the header and the column as tables in a file 'std-headers.stk'. On each page,
  do '(load "std-headers.stk")' after creating the html object, add-child common-header
  or add-child common-index. When you change the common-header in 'std-headers.stk' it
  changes all pages that load it.

  Include text from non-stk files? '(add-child (slirp-file "some_file.html") my-page)'

  Please excuse the length of my examples.

> -- Erick

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