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From: David Tillman <>
Date: 29 Nov 2000 16:12:13 -0600

>>>>> Walter Moreira <> writes:

> Moreover, how big is the scheme community? I think it is small
> or at least very disperse. This looks very strange for me. If
> you look at Python, for example, with a clear and simple
> semantic, close to scheme; why do you think it has a incredible
> success? Why scheme isn't so successful? Has anybody an answer?

  To be truthful, Functional Programming takes more time to get your
  head around than other methodologies.

  Who has the time and energy to put into developing features and
  libraries? Usually young, male, college students. (no wife, no
  kids, no job, many hours to burn on coding projects)

  Who is most interested in instant gratification? You type a few
  lines and the code does something? The same demographic set.

  So, by the time Joe Computer Science Student gains enlightenment, if
  at all, he is usually around 30 and has wasted his best years
  hacking meaningless code. There are a lucky few who gain
  enlightenment much earlier and are interested in more than working
  at an assembly line version of programming later in life, but rather,
  have an actual love for the art.

  However; as you read this, there are hordes of young CS students
  cutting their teeth on PERL and Python "because it's so kewl dude".

  Bitter? Who, me?


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