Re: STk users (was RE: Win9x/2k/NT calling DLLs)

From: Dr.R.F.Wolpert <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:07:23 -0600

>>Also sprach Erick Gallesio:
>The next release of STk (which will be called STklos by the way, since
>it is a completely different program) will be faster than actual STk
>like 4x and 5x, sometimes more). Perhaps you will not have anymore to
>use sockets for your program (this is particularly important that I'm
>not sure to have support for sockets in the first STklos release :-).
>I hope to be able to distribute a first release before the end of this

Great! Could you please, please, pretty please make sure that it runs also on
Linux on Alpha processors!

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