Re: STk users (was RE: Win9x/2k/NT calling DLLs)

From: Eric Marsden <>
Date: 30 Nov 2000 15:46:41 +0100

>>>>> "bdv" == Ben L Di Vito <> writes:

  bdv> If any of you out there has been using pgstk or something
  bdv> similar, I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences,
  bdv> especially how well it works with recent versions of PostgreSQL
  bdv> and STk.

I have a package which provides access to PostgreSQL from the scsh
which should be easy to port to STk. It uses the socket-level protocol
for communicating with the backend, so no need to link with the libpq
stuff. The only non portable bits are the socket code, records,
let-optionals and char->ascii/ascii->char.


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