Re: Win9x/2k/NT calling DLLs

From: David Tillman <>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 12:26:48 -0600

>>>>> Kelly Murray <> writes:

> How many people are using STk ??

    Good question - I would be interested in knowing also.
    STk is definitely my favorite Scheme inmplementation.

    Between the FFI and the CLOS implementation it really provides
    almost everything that I look for in a production language. I do
    have a coworker that isn't fond of STk because of its habit of
    reporting an error on line x of your code when the actual problem
    is to found much deeper down in a library.

    I told him to just not write code with errors.

    While I have been known to MzScheme and SCSH once in a while,
    I really use STk for nearly everything. I wrote a nifty FFI for
    gdbm and I use STk with large gdbm databases. I wrote a nice CGI
    lib and html lib that use heavily. Example:

(define foo (make html-doc
              :title "Software Archive"
              :bg-color "#f5deb3"
              :addr ""))

(add-child (center (h2 "Software Archive")) foo)

(define table (make html-table
                :border "0"))

(add-child (tr (list (th "Filename" :bg-color "#ccccff")
                     (th "Description" :bg-color "#ccccff")
                     (th "Supported" :bg-color "#ccccff"))) table)

;;;<More stuff, deleted>

(add-child "<CENTER>" foo)
(add-child table foo)
(add-child "</CENTER>" foo)

(add-child "<BR><BR><HR>" foo)

(output foo)

   So, I have various table objects and so forth that can be children
   of the html-doc object. The table objects can possess children
   also, ad infinitum.


> The mailing list sure is quiet.

   Yes it is. I do not know whether there are few subscribers
   or whether there few people have STk questions.

> kelly


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