Win9x/2k/NT calling DLLs

From: Kelly Murray <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 17:09:43 -0800

 I'm looking for a scripting language to run some automated tests,
and STk looks just like what I want. Except I need to link to some
external DLLs and invoke some routines in them. I didn't see any
documentation on how to do this, and the FFI docs say the C interface
doesn't work under Windows.

I got the STk source and it compiled and ran them on my Win2K box,
so it seems to me it should be possible to at least statically link with
another library.

Any help much appreciated, I *really* would like to
use STk over my other options! I'll do what I can to make it work if
I can get a little help. I'm pretty new to developing under Windows,
but there is no choice, since the libs we must interface with are only
available under Windows.

 Kelly Murray
Received on Thu Nov 09 2000 - 02:09:54 CET

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