Strange behavior

From: Evrard Nicolas <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 05:31:52 +0200

I obtain strange results when i run some scheme files in STk, but when i
run them using the MIT Scheme i've got the right results i'm pretty sure
the problem isn't in my algorithms. because i'm using them for 9 months
now without any problems.

The main problem is that the results are false. The algotrithm ensure
that a certain property is verified by the created graph but this
property isn't there.

here is the code the is problematic :
just decompress the tarball and put the content of stud in a variable
(let's say a)
then do this :

(define **rb-var** (car a)) (define **rb-liaison** (cdr a))
(handle-command '(compil))

now junction-list should represent a tree ( ((a b) (a c)) = b-a-c )
where all the nodes on the path between 2 nodes contain the intersection
of the set of variables of the first and last node
(ex : (c d e) - (g d c f)- (x d c y) - (a b c d) )

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