I've got this problem and I dunno how to handle it

From: Evrard Nicolas <nicoe_at_wanadoo.be>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 06:26:14 +0200

In the application i'm currently trying to do a graphical interface (
inférence in bayesian networks for those who wants to know) I must query
the user for tables of probabilities.

The problem is that the tables must be generated accordingly to the
graph the user has done. I know all the parameters (eg number of parents
of a node, states the parents may have). So I must query for a table of
: st_1 * ... * st_n * st_node ( st_i = nbr of states of the node i ).
It's quite a huge number of entry, isn't it ??

Does anybody has an idea of how to handle such a huge amount of query

creating the tab doesn't seem so difficult ( althought it doesn't seem
easy ) the main problem is I think in the connectivity between the
entries and the states it is representing ...

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