newbie using console and ed

From: Michael Ackerman <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 13:42:41 -0700

I'm a newbie at Linux, and I'm delighted to have found STk, which,
according to its manual, fulfills just about my whole wish-list for
Scheme (which I've been using on a Mac, along with Lisp and CLOS).
However I am having some problems in setting up a working environment
correctly. If I invoke STk with the -console option, I do get a console
window, but entering and evaluating scheme in this console is amazingly
slow. I am doing something wrong? Any help with this problem will be
greatly appreciated.
        Also, what would you suggest is the best set-up for using STk, namely,
to use its builtin editor or to hook it up to emacs?
        Sorry to bother you with these probably dumb questions, but I have
looked at the FAQ and the mailing list archive and have not found answers.
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