Re: concurrency in STk, and Windows init file questions

From: Lars Thomas Hansen <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 13:07:41 -0500

>I think Lars Thomas Hansen released modifications for STk for
>preemptive threads. I can't find it now, though.

Wow, I'm not only famous, but missing! :-)

Those patches were for version 2.1.7 if I remember correctly. They were
not extensive -- essentially changes to EVAL to implement a countdown
timer and timer interrupts, hooks into the I/O system to preempt threads
that block on I/O, and then standard continuation-based threads on top
of it all. The I/O bits were by far the messiest because STk's I/O
system was messy at the time. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the
patch file, so I can't contribute it, and anyone else who has it should
speak up.

The threads package was used in Sneezy/Sneaky, an STk-based debugger for
parallel C++ and Fortran programs, see, e.g
If anyone can find the sources for Sneaky in the jumble that is the
University of Oregon Web, maybe you will find the threads package too!

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