Re: concurrency in STk, and Windows init file questions

From: Harvey J. Stein <>
Date: 27 Mar 2000 12:12:43 -0500

Erick Gallesio <> writes:

> David Yeh writes:
> > I want to use STk to teach SICP. I've browsed around the documentation but
> > I can't find anything on threading and mutexes. Does STk have such
> > features
> No it does not. There is currently a SRFI proposition around
> threads. I'll wait that it is accepted to implement it in STk, if
> possible.
> Anyway, you can simulate some parallel behaviour with the Tk after
> command. Not a real parallel execution but I had made a (not
> efficient) preemptive thread system with it a long time ago.

I think Lars Thomas Hansen released modifications for STk for
preemptive threads. I can't find it now, though. I'm trying to use
wget to download the entire mail archive, but it's slow going because
it's unpacked as individual files & I have to go through a proxy. If
someone could search the archive or the right web searcher or archie
or ... for Hansen or threads or multitasking (or some such thing) they
might be able to find it.

Harvey Stein
Bloomberg LP
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