Re: Object Method Question

From: Jean-Marie Kubek <>
Date: 16 Jul 2001 21:29:43 +0200

Hi david,

David Tillman <> writes:

> Hello all, I have an object foo that I want to pass various other
> objects, strings, numbers, whatever, to with different behavior.
> That is trivial.
> The part I am uncertain about is that I intend to pass it both
> single objects and lists of objects. Suddenly my carefully crafted
> methods fail because the item being passed is neither a bar-object
> not a baz-object - it is a list.

IMHO, you should use the builtin multi-method dispatch, such as in
the following where 'test' dispatch on the first parameter :

(define-method test ((a <pair>)) 1) ;; returns 1 for pairs (and lists)
(define-method test ((a <string>)) 2) ;; returns 2 for strings


(define-method test (a) 'unknown) ;; returns 'unknown for others

> If you are wondering what I am trying to accomplish, I am reworking
> my stklos-html library. I have never been happy with the Table object
> an I now intend for the (append foo my-table) method to accept TR, TH,
> TD, string and numeric arguments - both atoms and lists.
> Thank you for your opinions,
Hope it helps ,
> -Dave
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