CFP: 2nd Scheme and Functional Programming

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                          2nd CALL FOR PAPERS

                   2nd Scheme and Functional Programming

                    Florence, Italy, 2 Septembre 2001

            The workshop forms part of PLI 2001, which consists
            of the ICFP and PPDP conferences and other workshops.



Background and Theme:

   Over the past few years, Scheme and its implementations have made
   tremendous progress in support of generative programming, shell
   scripting, COMponent support and distributed programming, graphics
   and GUI support, OO programming, and various other aspects of
   engineering real-world software. We are calling on implementors and
   users of Scheme systems to share their ideas at the 2nd Scheme workshop
   in Florence. The workshop will be held in conjunction with PLI 2001.

   The organizers goal is to attract presentations on a broad spectrum
   of topics:

    * applications
    * environments
    * extensions
    * implementations
    * logics (predicate types)
    * programs

   The committee will consider submissions concerning Scheme and other
   functional languages (Erlang, Haskell, LISP, ML, Caml, etc.).

Submission details

   Deadline for submission: 15 June 2001

   Submissions must be sent to
   The organizers seek two kinds of presentations:
    * regular: These presentations are like conventional workshop and
        conference presentation. Submissions for such presentations
        are full papers (up to 12 pages long).

    * short: These presentations last up to 15 mins and are on
        unconventional topics. Examples include unusual applications,
        nifty Scheme programming tricks, ideas on implementations,
        designs and requests for implementations, etc. Submissions for
        such presentations are short papers containing 1 or 2 pages.

Program committee

   William D Clinger, Northeastern University
   Matthew Flatt, University of Utah
   Christian Queinnec, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
   Manuel Serrano, Université de Nice
   Michael Sperber, Universität Tübingen
   Pierre Weis, INRIA-Rocquencourt
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