Re: Scheme community

From: Dr.R.F.Wolpert <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:22:20 -0600

A few months ago we had a short exchange re. why scheme despite its obvious
merits is not really seen to "catch on". I have written to the Sebastopol
crowd, pointing at some of the exciting things that are there in scheme
(including the GIMP -- using scheme as a scripting language), and I got this
reply back:

>We have no plans currently to publish a book on scheme. It is a language we
>watch, for the reasons you state. It has a passionate user group, one of
>whom, like you, writes us from time to time suggesting a scheme book. (We
>have similar requests from users of a number of other languages, like
>Eiffel, CAML, squeak, and pike.)

>We haven't seen evidence that the scheme community is large enough to
>support the publication of a book. If we see more evidence of scheme's
>widespread adoption, say, on the level of Python or PHP, we might
>reconsider our decision.

I still believe that the key to a wider adoption of scheme is the availability
of a popular, easy to read, enjoyable to read book with an important
publisher: there must be scheme book on the shelves in your local bookshop, as
there is at least one for Perl and Python, and all sorts of MS-stuff. So --
more public face could help: newspaper articles on scheme in our own
communities, stating that that great contract we've just won is going to work
with scheme, etc. is what we need.

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