Re: [ANNOUNCE] STklos version 0.50

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 14:23:03 +0100 (CET)

Hi Paolo,

Pleased to see you here again.
> > Whereas STk used the Tk toolkit, STklos preferred the GTK+ graphical
> > toolkit. This choice was dictated by the low activity around Tk (no
> Which version of GTK+ is required to run STklos 0.50?

I have compiled it with a 1.2.8, but it should work with any 1.2 I
> > new widgets for several years) and by, on contrary, the effervescence
> > around GTK+. STklos is not completely compatible with STk but it
> Does this imply that STklos will use the latest features of GTK+, and that
> it will be necessary to chase the latest releases of GTK+?

Not at all. In fact I will not used a patched version of the library
(as I did in old STk), since GTK offers enough way to work with it
with a foreign language). I don't like the system which oblige you to
use the version of a library which was just commited yesterday on the
CVS of the project to work and will not impose it to you :-) The plan
consists to use the version which is broadly available in current
distributions. So for now it is 1.2 and it will be 1.4 (or 2.0 when it
will be massively adopted). For now, support of GTK is very primitive, and
it definitively needs more work. Consider GTK support as a "proof of
concept" thing. In particular, I need to offer more widgets.

The problems that I have with using 1.2 distribution is the lack of
the canvas widget (which is gnome for now) and for a decent text
widget (1.2 GTk widget is far from satisfying). Anyway it seem that
the latter will be solved in 1.4 to be identical to what we have in
Tk. For the former, I don't know what is the plan but if needed I will
add only the canvas widget in the distribution to have something
similar to STk.

I'm also interested by widgets sets which are less broadly distributed
such as GTKExtra (or something like that). Here again I plan to use an
approach similar to the gmp package: if you have t installed on your
machine, stklos will use it, otherwise, it will use the one shipped in
the tarball. This will make distributions larger but self contained.

                -- Erick
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