detailing classes - what lies ahead?

From: J_Gerard Malecki <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 1994 17:11:59 -0700


stk is great stuff. it isn't until recently that i've had an
opportunity of playing with it but it's great fun. once i figured out
that's there an inspector, a viewer and a detailer and they all have
their separate limitations i calmed down and started using the

i'd like to be able to create objects an dthen automatically be able
to graphically and interactively edit them - just like one can detail
tk objects. this would be powerful. after that, i'd like to be able
to interactively be able to specify relationships between objects.
maybe this is something which many developers would like to be able to

once i started enhancing inspect-detail.stk i noticed that it is not
"object" oriented. i'm not complaining but it might be easier to
enhance describe, since it uses classes, than to enhance detail.

since i'm new to stk

        - is there a a roadmap of where the inspector, viewer and
        detailer are going?

        - are there a list of projects that i might better be working on
        in case someone is already working on a detailer for classes?

ps - i really don't know much about tk or tcl so it's kind of slow going...

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