Re: Building STk on Irix 5.2

From: Don Bennett <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 12:48:32 -0700 writes:
> I built STk with no problem on a sparc but on an sgi (built both with
> gcc and cc) test-stk brings up a window but (pack (button...) gives a
> segmentation fault. Is this a 5.2 problem? Suggestions?

Ron Frederick <> writes:
> I was able to build STk on an Indy running Irix 5.2 without any problems. I
> used CC=cc and CFLAGS=-O2, and a different prefix than the default, but
> otherwise just did the standard build.

The pack example works fine for me on on Irix5.2
with CC=cc CFLAGS=-g and CC=cc CFLAGS=-O, and CC=gcc CFLAGS=-g.

However, in both cases, the stklos demo had problems:

    [dpb_at_pedernales] 248% ../Src/test-stk -f stklos-demo.stklos

    *** Read from string error:
    eval: bad function in : (allocate-instance class initargs)

I was able to get this to work using CC=gcc CFLAGS="-g",
with gcc-2.6.0.

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