Re: memory consumption?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 1994 14:45:28 +0100

> Ok, stk is __much__ faster than tcl (10 times) but 50% slower than
> jaffer-scheme (SCM). SCM also seems to have drastically less memory
> consumtion. Look at the following:

STk uses a lot of memory since it allocates a banks of cells as soon as it
is started. By default it allocates 100000 (variable heap_size in Src/gc.c)
cells which occupy 16 bytes on a Sun (and probably on Linux also). That means
that as soon as the process begin it tooks 16*100000 =1.56Mb. This number is
high but it was choosen to this value since it is not possible to allocate
more space when the bank is full.

Last Friday, I've begun to use a new model (as in Siod 3.0 I think): when the
process begins, it allocates a full bank of cells, when this bank is full, the
GC is run and if no rooms is collected a new bank will be allocated. With this
scheme, we can imagine that bank could be 25000 cells (which will lead to
diminuate memory consumption of 1.17Mb). Furthermore, the heap size will be
available as a command line option such that you can tune this value as

                -- Erick

PS: I will try to make an interim version for the end of this week. It will
contain this modification.

                -- Erick
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