problem with STk-2.1.1 under Irix 5.2 (cc -ansi -g)

From: <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 94 12:34:58 +1000

        There is a problem with with the variable
"extended_type_stamp" which is currently defined in dynload.h, which
is included in stk.h. There is a similar declaration of the same
variable in dynload.c. I think what is really meant is "extern int
extended_type_stamp;" in dynload.h since the EXTENDEDP macro is
included in stk.h and refers to this var ? Besides this everything
seems to work nicely under Irix 5.2 and SGI's cc (including
STKlos-update). I have problems (frequent core dumps from _free())
compiling with gcc-2.6.0 but after a bit of playing around I suspect
they are problems with this version of the compiler.

        Is there any interest/intention in adding an multi-dimensional
array type to stk, suitable for efficient numerical work (eg image
processing) ?


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