Integration of TkPixmap 3.6 from Sven Delmas

From: Frank Ridderbusch <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 94 12:06:57 MET


since I found the standard black and white bitmaps provided by vanila
Tk pretty boring and dull, I looked at the TkPixmap extension by Sven
Delmas to see, if it could be integrated into Stk.

This is actually pretty simple. Here is a rough outline, of what I've

1. Patch the Tk source with the patch file from the TkPixmap

   This works without any rejects (only some different line offsets).

2. link the the C files (except tkMain.c) from the TkPixmap*/libtk
   directory into the Tk directory.

3. Extend the Makefile in the Tk directory with the newly linked

   Depending on your location of the Xpm library (it is also part of
   the TkPixmap distribution) you have to either modify the Makefile
   or xpm3.c, that the include file "xpm.h" is found.

4. Extend the STKFLAGS variable in config.make with '-DUSE_XPM3
   Extend the XLIBSW variable in a way, that libXpm.a is linked.

5. Recompile.

Now you should a STk version, which allows to use XPM and GIF files as

The TkPixmap contains some additional extensions, which I didn't try.

I hope I didn't forget anything to mention.

BTW, I extended STk by some additional UNIX function (file-position,
file-set-position, delete-file, rename-file, stat, errno, strerror).

Are you interested to include them in the Stk distribution?
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