Tk + AnyScheme

From: Mark C. Tucker <mct_at_philabs.Philips.COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 94 08:10:43 EDT

Hi People,

        I haven't had time to work much with STk. I love the idea,
and have used Scheme as the extension language for other systems.
Great Job!

        I have a question that has been hanging around:

                How wedded is Stk to the scheme implementation
                that is built into it?

                Shouldn't ``we'' figure out a technique to integrate
                Tk with **any** Scheme implementation?
Then you could use, for example Scheme-to-C for high performance,
or use some custom ``Scheme Objects Over the Internet'' implementation
for hacking distributed objects all over the world...

I hate to see the ``Scheme Binding for TK'', STklos, and other good
work being pigeon-holed.

        Any comments?

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