A question and 2 news

From: Erick Gallesio <eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 13:41:43 +0100

   Someone has sent mes some patches for porting STk on IRIX 4.??? (I don't
remember). Impossible to find this mail (I did'nt remember if he/she is on the
mailing list). If this person read this mail (or if you can answer), please
send me the diffs.

News 1:
   Rob Deline has found two bugs in the GC, I have found another one and it
exists (at least) another one. In fact this is the same proteiform bug. I
hope to find all its variant soon :->. This bug has always existed and it is
more frequent since GC are more frequent (i.e. since #cells has passed from
100000 to
20000). It occurs at GC (but not at all GC) and the less you GC, the less is
the probability it occurs.
As soon as possible I will make a new release (2.1.3). I apologize for the
inconvenient of making release too fast. In the meantime to decrese the
probability to raise this bug call stk with the option "-cells 100000". Things
should be better (I hope).

News 2:
I have seen the following message from Richard Stallman in the news some days
ago. If someone wants to promote STk, have some knowledge in Motif and has
Of course, I will try to help as musch as possible (I can add hooks in STk if
needed, or provide necessary support).

rms> There is a free library called Vibrant which lets applications run
rms> portably with various window systems, one of which is X.
rms> Unfortunately, Vibrant can't run on a GNU system, or any entirely free
rms> operating system, because it needs Motif in order to work with X--and
rms> Motif is not free software.
rms> So we would like a volunteer to modify Vibrant to use some other X
rms> toolkit--perhaps Tk. (Please don't use Tcl; if you need an
rms> interpreter to go with Tk, use STk, which is a dialect of Scheme.)
rms> This project will require either knowing or learning a lot about Xt,
rms> Motif, and Tk or some other free widget set. It's a sizeable job; my
rms> wild off-the-cuff guess is that a good hacker who is an Xt expert
rms> would need a couple of weeks of full time work to do it. For a
rms> volunteer working part time, that would mean several months. We can
rms> tell you where to get a copy of Vibrant, but aside from that, you'll
rms> be on your own.
rms> To volunteer, please send mail to gnu_at_prep.ai.mit.edu.

                -- Erick
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