Re: Tk + AnyScheme

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 10:43:06 +0100

> I have a question that has been hanging around:
> How wedded is Stk to the scheme implementation
> that is built into it?
> Shouldn't ``we'' figure out a technique to integrate
> Tk with **any** Scheme implementation?

Implementing Tk in another Scheme is not too hard. The Schme interpreter must
        - a way to add new kind of function (the Tk commands). A Tk command
        pass its argument to Tk as a argc/argv
        - a way to patch set! to take into account traces over varriables
        which are associated to widgets (such as -textvariable of
        - the possibilty to integrate the event loop somewhere. In STk this is
        done while there is nothing to read on stdin.

I think that this are the only point needed (at least they are the main ones).
However integrate STklos in another scheme is another thing. It necessitate
mainly to be able to add new kind of functions (i.e. functions which are
apllied in a special way).

                -- Erick
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