Re: Are you getting seg faults with 2.1.3?

From: Michael A. Fetterman <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 18:42:53 -0700

Yeah, I've seen some strange behavior with long lists in stk 2.1.3, too.
I'm running on an rs6k/AIX, so I figured it was just my problem, but maybe

If/when I try to cons together a list of 1000000 cons cells, and then take
it's length (see code below), I get either:
        a) an apparently random answer less than 1000000 (see below), or
        b) "Error: length: not calculable", or
        c) a core dump...

I'm interested in your patches: please post...

Michael Fetterman

Code sample:

(define (make-list n)
  (cond ((not (pair? n))
         (make-list (list n)))
        ((> (car n) 1)
         (make-list (cons (- (car n) 1) n)))
        (#t n)))

Sample run #1:

STk> (length (make-list 1000000))

*** Error:
    length: not calculable.
Current eval stack:
  0 (length (make-list 1000000))

Sample run #2:

STk> (length (make-list 1000000))
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