Re: STk *and* TCL?

From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 1994 23:38:17 -0700

   From: (David Fox)

   Som people around here don't want to give up TCL, they think that the
   TCL syntax appeals to some users more than Scheme does, which I guess
   is hard to deny - though it certainly doesn't appeal to me. They want
   to be able to execute TCL code and STk code during a single run. This
   would also be useful if you want to execute existing TCL code. Any
   ideas about what it would take to do this?

One option to consider is Rush, a very Tcl-like language by Adam Sah
that compiles to Scheme. The potential even exists to write an automatic
translator that can convert many existing Tcl programs to Rush.
Even if you choose not to use Rush itself, the strategy of tranlsating
alternative syntaxes to Scheme is a sound one.

You can learn more about Rush by reading the papers at:*

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