Re: STk *and* TCL

From: David Fox <>
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 94 20:58:19 -0400 writes:

> > I'm not sure I made myself clear. We want to be able to
> > create a system that contains *both* TCL code and STk code.
> One cannot help but wonder why. On the face of it your request seems
> absurd. What would you possibly gain from this? One might just as
> happily mix:

To put it simply, the reason is that a lot of our system's code is
already written in TCl, and I prefer to write scheme.

> I'll request you demonstrate that this would benefit STk. Include
> proof.

Axiom - more people using STk is a benefit.
Theorem - more people would use STk if they could incorporate
          existing TCL code in their application.
Proof - At least one person in our group has said he would
        use STk under these conditions. N+1 > N. Q.E.D.
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