Re: Looking for demos

From: David Fox <fox_at_GRAPHICS.CS.NYU.EDU>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 94 15:13:14 -0400

Peter Pezaris writes:

> Does anyone have any demos they would be willing to share apart
> from the ones that come with the STk-2.1.3 distribution?

I wrote a program to help merge large directory trees that
get out of sync. It does a quick comparison of the two trees
and then lets you look at lists of the files that differ in
size, files that only exist in one tree or the other,
files that differ in modification date only, files that
differ in mode only, etc., and gives you controls to either
copy the newer to where the older is, to copy missing files,
to delete files, etc. Sort of a warm-up exercise.
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