From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 15:16:11 +0000

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> Using STk 2.1, I've noticed that when a listbox widget is given a
> "get" command it doesn't return a string, but rather returns an atom
> or a list depending on what the string is.
> .......................
> Personally, I would prefer that listboxes always return a string the
> same way that an entry widget does. I am thinking about changing the
> handling of the listbox "get" to make it work like the entry "get." Is
> there some reason that I should leave it alone?
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Me too. Correcting this "feature" would be easy but it breaks the inspector
which relies on it (and I'm not the author of the inspector). Since the
inspector is a good candidate to be rewritten (it doesn't use object and cannt
be easily extended with new types), I have left things as they are.
I hope to be able to propose a new implementation in a next release (probably
not 2.2 which will be out soon, 2.3?).
In the meanwhile, you can use a (selection 'get) to obtain the content of a
field. Eventually, I can probaly find the patch I had done (and retracted) for
circumvent the problem, but you'll loose the inspector.

                -- Erick

                -- Erick
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