Re: Looking for demos

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 16:15:50 +0000

> I've written a graphical "8 Queens" puzzle program that I think is a
> nice little demo. It demonstrates several interesting things:
> ....
> I'd be happy to upload either to an ftp site or e-mail the sources to
> anybody who would like to play with them.
> Is there an ftp site for STk stuff in North America? The connection
> to seems a little slow and I feel guilty grabbing
> stuff at random just to browse through things.

There is an Incoming directory on where you can put demos.
Feel free to use it if you want to sahre code with other STk users.
I can create a Demos and Contribs directory, where I will transfers all STk
users Demos and C-contribs.

We can imagine a mirror of those directories closer than kaolin for North
America if someone has some disk space (Fortunately (or may I say
it would not occupy a lot of place ..... for now....)

> P.S. In English "kaolin" refers to a type of white colored clay. It
> is used as a component in the coating used to make "shiney"
> paper. Does it mean something else in French?
It seems to be the same thing (what is shiney?)

                -- Erick
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