Plans for the next release

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 1994 17:52:51 +0000

Here are my plans for next weeks about STk.

This is a long time since I promise that things will be in 2.2, but I have not
a lot of time currently and things go slowly (slower than I'd like).
However, the number of STk users seems to have grown rapidly in the last
weeks (and bug reports in the same amount :>).

The version on which I work contains a lot of bug corrections and some
which would be difficult to give you as patches. Major improvements are
a run-process function a Tcl-like exec function, and support for regular
expressions (code is directly inspired from contribution which were sent
in this list or to me directly. Thanks to the senders).

Consequently, I plan to make a new interim release very soon (probably for the
beginning of next week, since it rest some things pack all the stuff). This
version will be nearly the 2.2. Noticeable differences are
        - documentation will not be as complete as desirable
        - Dynamic loading restricted to SunOS 4.1. (2.2 will support HP
          Hardware --and perhaps Linux)
        - 2.2 will contain more Unix access function (I will try to be as
          close as possible to POSIX for those extensions functions).

As you can see differences are not too important and the true 2.2 release
should follow the 2.1.4 a short time after. Normally I try to avoid to build
version every week. However I think that it is now necessary.

Since I speak about plans,

1. It is possible that John Ousterhout releases Tk 4.0 before I have time to
release the 2.2. Using Tk 4.0 should not cause problems (I hope so) and if
possible it will be in the 2.2.

2. After the 2.2 is released, I will start porting STk to MS-Windows.

                -- Erick
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