Re: tcl->stk not so easy

From: Randall Gray <>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 94 08:55:49 EST

   From: (Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer)

   the porting of my sketch-program to stk seems to be very hard work.
   Unfortunately i defined

   (define 'ajfl (lambda ....))

   no warning at all, only strange behaviour. The quoting was broken.
   Ok after some days i found it... .
   now i have the problem, that

   (.acanvas 'find 'closest x y)

   always returns list like

   (()) or
   (() () ())
   There are items in the canvas!!

This has been discussed in cop.lang.scheme recently, at least with
respect to SCM and some other implementations.

        (define 'a (lambda ....))

is translated to

        (define (quote a) (lambda ....))

which redefines "quote" to be a function of one argument, "a", with a
body "(lambda ....)".

Unless I'm missing the obvious.

-- Randall
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