Re: tags for canvas items broken under linux

From: Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer <>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 94 20:14:10 +0100

thank You,

what You found are obvious bugs. But my problem did not go with Your
patches. The programm segfaults in formatConfigInfo when freeing
argv[4]. I think the code in this routine is ok. There is a problem with
configinfo at all i think. My tcl scripts always trusted in reading the
listelement with index 4. Now the highest index in the list is 2. When a
canvas item has more than one tag, there should be returned a list for
all the items? Why is the list shortened to length 3?.

Now i am at home, so i cant give You an example of how more than one
tags are formatted in the config info.

- Fritz,

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