Re: Howto edit stk files?

From: Erwin Burgstaller <>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 16:55:24 +0100

I'm working with emacs. I merged the tcl-mode.el and lisp.el file from
the emacs distribution. One can mail me, so I would mail back a
zipped uuencoded version (10kb) or do the following:

  1) Take tcl-mode.el (If it isn't there, you have an older version
     of emacs. It's there at least from 19.25 on and will not work with
     versions older than 19.22) from emacs distribution,
     copied it to /usr/local/lib/emacs/site-lisp as stk-mode.el.

  2) replace all strings "tcl" with: "stk"
  3) change

        defvar stk-default-application "wish"

        defvar stk-default-application "stk"

  4) Search for all occurances of code like that (concat)

         (concat stk-default-eval
           " {\n"(buffer-substring start end) "\n}"))

     and change it to

         (concat "(" stk-default-eval
                    (buffer-substring start end) ")\n"))
  5) Change

                        (concat "source "
                        (concat "load "

  6) Remove function definitions

        (defun stk-indent-line

        (defun stk-calculate-indentation

  7) Take the file lisp-mode.el from emacs distribution

  8) Copy all function definition containing indent in their name to
     stk-mode.el, right to the place where stk-indent-line has been.
     (Maybe you would not need all of them).

  9) replace-string stk-indent-line to lisp-indent-line

 10) remove function definitions


     and all references to them (keymap and menu).

 11) change all occourcances of ?} to ?) (electric-brace)

 12) M-x byte-compile-file will make you an .elc file the message:

          ** reference to free variable last-sexp

     seems to be normal as it occurs even when compiling lisp-mode.el

 13) Add the lines

    (autoload 'stk-mode "stk-mode"
        "Mode for editing and testing stk files" t)
    (setq auto-mode-alist
    (append '(("\\.stk$" . stk-mode)
              ("\\.stklos$" . stk-mode)) auto-mode-alist))

    to your .emacs file

The tcl-mode.el has the advantage, that you can send files, buffers, regions
and lines to a stk interpreter, which will be started automatically, if not
yet done. With some additional macros one could build a single step debugger.


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