STk 2.1.4 is out

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 1994 19:13:32 +0000

2.1.4 is a temporary release which correct all the known bugs.

If you have signalled be a bug and if it pertains in 2.1.4, please signal me it
again, I've probably missed your mail, since our mailer has some problem in
the last weeks). Some installation problem which have been signaled are not
in this release (but most of them should be). In any case signal me if you
have problem.

I hope to have a true 2.2 very soon (I know it's a long time I say that, but
I should have more time until the end of this month :-> ).

Until now I've avoided to make frequent releases since I think it is painful
for you to have to recompile too often a full release (and for me to make a
release). However, this seems to be no more suitable now since the bugs reports
are more frequent as the number of STk users augment.
Consequently, I will distribute now patches on a semi periodical basis
(something like a couple of weeks seems fine, what do you think of it?)

The 2.1.4 is available from

Hereafter is a list of change from the "official" 2.1 release
        - Bug corrections
        - Changing Makefiles and configure files for better dynamic loading
          integration. Dynamic loading works always only on Solaris 1
          but support for Solaris 2 and OSF1 should be simple (I need help)
        - Adding support for BLT-1.7. This library can be loaded dynamically
          on system which support it
        - New option which permit to change the initial amount of cells
        - Uses really LESS memory.
        - New GC. Now we have a set of heaps and a new heap is allocated as
          soon as the global space is "nearly" filled.
        - SLIB support (just type (require 'slib) and after that process as
          indicated in SLIB documentation
        - Integration of the Suresh Srinivas STk-wtour demo.
        - Adding support for Text in STklos: Definition of the <Text> class
          (and companion <Text-tag> class).
        - call/cc is now tail recursive. (Alas, methods and dynamic-wind are
          not yet tail recursive).
        - Better support for autoloading files
        - Addind support for an exec function a` la Tcl (i.e. execute of a
          unix process and keep its output in a Scheme string)
        - General run-process for running Unix process were std{in,out,err}
          can be redirected in files or in pipes.
        - Some code has been rewritten to ease Stk porting
        - Adding support for regular expression pattern matching and

                -- Erick
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