Re: STk 2.1.4 is out

From: Steve Pothier <>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 94 12:46:47 MST

   Until now I've avoided to make frequent releases since I think it is painful
   for you to have to recompile too often a full release (and for me to make a
   release). However, this seems to be no more suitable now since the bugs reports
   are more frequent as the number of STk users augment.
   Consequently, I will distribute now patches on a semi periodical basis
   (something like a couple of weeks seems fine, what do you think of it?)

>From my perspective every month or so would be frequently enough.
Especially, if you send a message to this list as your fix things.
Something like:
  "bugs X,Y,Z are fixed in release 2.1.5 which is due out on Jan 1"

would be great. I, for one, would be happy to wait it out if the
patches are semi-periodical.

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