Wanted: Example appl.

From: keichwa <keichwa_at_gwdg.de>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 08:30:29 +0100

Trying to learn STk I am looking for quite a simple application, which
could serve as a good example for a newbie like me.

It would be great, if this wanted application would provide some string
handling mechanism. Not neccessary, but also of interest: the
possibility to access a database engine.

I want to write a tool/program to manage bibliographies (at least .bib
files). I know there exist a project based on tclOBST (?) -- but this
OBST system seems to complicate for me. I have used bibtex.el and the
new btx-mode.el -- but I want to have a tool, which is

        - independent from Emacs

        - "easy" to enlarge

Any hints concerning bibliography databases are welcome (especially if
it is possible to run such a database on a Linux system). -- Thanks.

BTW I have also tested bibview 2.x, it is running pretty well, but it is
not the one I am looking for.

Karl Eichwalder
Received on Thu Nov 10 1994 - 08:32:01 CET

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