Re: [W] menubar class

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994 14:48:23 +0000

> First:
> It takes me an hour to recognize a spelling error (stupid me): The class
> <Menu-button> in `Menu.stk' is not spelled "Menubutton" as one would
> expect coming from the Tk world ;-)

but this is one would expect in the scheme world ;-)

> Second:
> I am loking for a class menubar which allows multiple <Menu-button>s
> placed left while a single <Menu-button> "Help" is placed right.

You'll have to use the option :side of the packer. Hereafter is an exemple

(define f (make <Frame>))
(define mb1 (make <Menu-button> :text "File" :parent f))
(define mb2 (make <Menu-button> :text "Edit" :parent f))
(define mb3 (make <Menu-button> :text "Help" :parent f))
(pack mb1 mb2 :side 'left)
(pack mb3 :side 'right)
(pack f :expand #t :fill 'x)
(pack (make <Text>)) ; So that the f frame is extended

Hope it helps

                -- Erick
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