Re: dynamic loading of extensions

From: Harvey J. Stein <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 09:22:26 +0200 writes:
> Well, dump/restore under Freebsd now works.
> In ./Src/dump.c , I changed the "#ifdef SUNO.." to include also
> "FREEBSD" and I re-linked stk with /usr/lib/libgnumalloc.a .
> The library "/usr/lib/libgnumalloc.a" was included in the link
> process,i.e., I linked it statically to stk.

I tried this under Linux. The dump part ran & created a memory dump.
The -name part gave a segmentation fault. I did the first part you
mentioned (namely to modify dump.c) & then just did make again. My
system doesn't have a libgnumalloc.a.

Oh well. I suppose it was worth a try. Also, I looked at the code I
my naive reading shows no reason why it shouldn't work under Linux.
I'll recompile with debugging on & see what I can track down...

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