STk 2.1.5 release

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 15:59:16 +0000

STk 2.1.5 release is out. You can grab it on

Differences between 2.1 and 2.1.5 are given below.
I have tried to take into account all the remarks I had received. However,
it is possible (this is even very probable since I had mail problems) that I
have missed some of them. If this is the case, plese tell me.

And a great thanks to all of you which sent me their patches, advices,


                -- Erick

STk 2.1.5 vs STk 2.1

        - Bug corrections
        - Changing Makefiles and configure files for better dynamic loading
          integration. Dynamic loading works for Solaris 2 and OSF1 is
          provided. However things don't work as suited (I need more info)
        - Adding support for BLT-1.7. This library can be loaded dynamically
          on system which support it
        - New option which permit to change the initial amount of cells
        - Uses really LESS memory.
        - New GC. Now we have a set of heaps and a new heap is allocated as
          soon as the global space is "nearly" filled.
        - SLIB support (just type (require "slib") and after that process as
          indicated in SLIB documentation
        - Integration of the Suresh Srinivas STk-wtour demo.
        - Adding support for Text in STklos: Definition of the <Text> class
          (and companion <Text-tag> class).
        - call/cc is now tail recursive. (Alas, methods and dynamic-wind are
          not yet tail recursive).
        - Better support for autoloading files
        - Adding support for an exec function a` la Tcl (i.e. execute of a
          unix process and keep its output in a Scheme string)
        - General run-process for running Unix process were std{in,out,err}
          can be redirected in files or in pipes.
        - Some code has been rewritten to ease STk porting
        - Adding support for regular expression pattern matching and
        - There is now a light interpreter, called snow (for Scheme
          NO Window); this is in fact the STk interpreter without Tk support.
          This interpreter is an independant executable. It can be called
          with the `snow' shell-script or by unsetting the DISPLAY variable.
        - New organisation of intalled file to permit co-existence of
          several version of STk or multi-architecture file sharing
        - Dynamic loading support for NetBSD-1.0
        - Dynamic loading support for HP
        - Dynamic loading and dump support for FreeBsd.
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