Re: Order of initialization of main_interp and call to STk_user_init()

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 12:02:32 +0000

> In 2.1.4 the global variable main_interp had been initialized by the
> time STk_user_init was called, but in 2.1.5 STk_user_init is not
> called until after the call to Tk_main that allocates main_interp.
> Unfortunately, my application initialization wants to call
> Tcl_CreateCommand which needs an interp argument. What to do?

STk_user_init has been moved to permit the usage of the '-f' option on a
customized interpreter. However, actual implementation of the '-f' option
should be changed since this option is not allowed in the 'snow' interpreter.
I will change this, since there is no reason to forbid this option in 'snow'.
I will post a patch when this done.
In the meantime, you can either
        - move the call to STk_user_init() just before the call to print_banner()
        - define a new primitive (such as %my-init) and call at the interpreter

I apologize for this change, but my argument processing is too much
complicated and I must review it completly. I haven't seen the problem you
cite when displacing the call to STk_init

                -- Erick
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