pack/sleep asynchronicity?

From: john lewis <>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 16:21:21 -0800

I would like to bring up some widgets, then wait for a bit
(an external process to finish, but a sleep would be equivalent)
before introducing some more into the same frame.

In the example below, none of the packs come into effect until
the end of the script, i.e. the sleep executes out of order.
This is true even if stk is started with -sync.

Any ideas?


(frame '.main)
(pack '.main :expand #t :fill "both")

(label '.main.l :anchor "center" :text "xxx")
(pack '.main.l :fill "both")

(system "sleep 3") ;; want to sleep a bit before bringing up the button

(button '.main.b :text "button" :command '(destroy "."))
(pack '.main.b :fill "both")
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