Re: Tk4.0 beta is out. Has anyone tested it with STk?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 1995 12:00:43 +0000


* Happy New Year to all the subcribers of the STk mailing list *

> Tk4.0 beta has just been released. Alot of changes have been made.
> Many are incompatible with the last version of Tk. We'd better test
> the beta version with STk as soon as possible.

Yes Tk4.0 is ou and it brings a lot of good things. I will add support for it
 soon as the STk 2.2 release will be out (I hope to have the real 2.2
available before the end of January).

In fact,I have already linked Tk4.0 with my work version of STk but as you
said there are some incompatibilities and a lot of things have to be changed
for making a distribution version (in particular there are a lot of demos
which must be rewritten).
However, I think that a public release of STk is important (I often receive
message about bugs in the 2.1 release), and integration of Tk4.0 will late
this release.

However, a try version of STk with Tk4.0 (without demos and probably a lot of
problem for aventurous people should be available a week after). Since Tk4.0
brings incompatibilities, I will profit to make some changes in the STk
which will (I'm afraid) lead also to some incompatibilities and next release
of STk will probably be numbered 3.0. More on this in a couple of weeks.

                -- Erick
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