a potential bug

From: Chin Wu <chin_at_Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 1995 00:09:29 -0600

When using blt for stk, I found a possible bug. The "Blt" is
initialized in STk_user_init() of userinit.c, which in turns use
main_interp to initialize the "blt" package. However, the
STK_user_init() was called in toplevel.c after Tk_main() where
main_interp is initialized. I don't know what's the intended behavior
but I move STK_user_init() after Tk_main() then it works fine.

#ifdef USE_TK
                              if (!arg_no_tk && (arg_Xdisplay || getenv("DISPLAY")))
                          if (arg_file) {
                            loadfile(arg_file, TRUE);
                        if (interactivep) print_banner();
                        /* load the startup file if specified */
                        if (arg_load) {
                          loadfile(arg_load, TRUE);
#ifdef USE_TK
                          if (tk_initialized)
                            Tcl_GlobalEval(main_interp, "(update)");
                              STk_user_init(); /* Execute application specific inits */
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