STk configure problems

From: Marco Antoniotti <marcoxa_at_MOSAIC.CS.NYU.EDU>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 95 09:17:40 EST

Thanks for the pointer,....but

If I run configure I always get a Makefile that tries to put a line in
'config.make' containing

        LIB_MALLOC = _at_LIB_MALLOC@

I believe the problem is in the file.

But this is a minor problem.

The next problem is that on my system (SunOS mosaic 4.1.1 6 sun4c) the
configure script seems unable to set up correctly the -ldl switch in
Src/Makefile when dynamic loading is enabled.

But this is another minor problem.

The unsurmountable problem is the missing 'gmp.h' header in the Src
directory when you try to configure without the GMP library (I do not
have it installed).

All in all this prevented me from installing STk.

Any extra help will be appreciated.


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