Re: Help with LIB_MALLOC during build

From: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 95 19:32:19 -0800

> The problems (on a Sun running SUNOS) are at least three.

> 1 - LIB_MALLOC (configure problem)

The easiest way to get around it is just to modify your Makefle
to define LIB_MALLOC to null. The fix for this problem is to
modify the configuration procedures . So if this becomes an
issue I will be happy to post my configuration files and Makefiles
which work.

> 2 - '-ldl' is missing in Src/ (configure problem)

So include it in your Makefile

> 3 - 'gmp.h' does not get linked in the Extensions directory (
> problem I believe)
Make sure that gmp.h is in your include path directory when compiling
the extensions.

> If somebody could fix this it would REALLY help.

> Marco

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