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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 95 16:41:13 +0100

> I'm making a new release. It was planned to called it 2.2. but it will be
> probably 2.1.6. This would be rather easy to make it available soon but I'm
> renaming all global symbols such as they all begin with the string
> "STk_". This should ease the embedding of the interpreter in an application.
> However, this process is longer than I thought (since I didn't want to make
> this mecanically to not have an unreadable source and since I take this
> occasion to make some cleaning in the source code).
> The problem is:
> I can relase a version (with some bug corrected,better processes and
> documentation for regexp and processes) and a configure which (I hope) work.
> ***BUT***
> This will introduces incompatibilities for people which have built their
> own extensions.
> What should I do? Any advices welcome
> -- Erick

As this change will be done anyway, my advice would be, the sooner the better.
But as I am not developing extension I'm not really concerned about it ;-)

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