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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 95 14:06:37 EST

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   OPs previous message has a typo, the corrected one is:

If STklos behaves like CL (which I hope it does), then you still have
a typo.

   I am just testing the Stklos features and I run thru the
   following problem:

   (define-class <complex> (<number>) ((r :accessor real-part :init-keyword :r)
                                       (i :accessor imag-part :init-keyword :i)))

   STk> #[undefined]
   (define-method complex? (c) #f)
   STk> complex?
   (define-method complex? (c <complex>) #t)

This should be

(define-method complex? ((c <complex>)) #t)

Happy Lisping

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