Using BLT with STk 2.1.5

From: Rob DeLine <Robert_DeLine_at_GS115.SP.CS.CMU.EDU>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 16:44:40 -0500

Has anyone had any luck using BLT (the one at STk's ftp site) with
STk 2.1.5? I'm trying it on a Sparc10 running SunOS and having little
success. When compiled either dynamically or statically, the problem
is the same. The details are these: at runtime, STk_Blt_Init calls
Blt_HtextInit, which calls Tk_MainWindow, which calls Tcl_GetCommandInfo
on the "winfo" command, which returns an error because the "winfo"
symbol isn't bound to the expected thing.

I'll keep investigating, but in the meanwhile I was curious whether
anyone else had tried this and succeeded.

Rob DeLine
Received on Tue Jan 31 1995 - 22:46:25 CET

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